Summer time itch

Ahhhh summer. I love everything about summer…almost. Enjoying those lovely warm evenings sometimes means we endure mosquito or bug bites especially when we forget to use repellent.

My son recently cam home from his father’s after enjoying an evening outside over the May 24th holiday watching firework. He received several mosquito bites during this. The moment I picked him up he asked right away “mom can you make me a roller ball with essential oils to stop my bug bites from itching?”

Absolutely!! And I am so proud that he thought if this on his own (I must be teaching them something they appreciate in their teenage years).

I used lavender as it reduces the pain and is calming as well as tea tree oil for its antihistamine (reduces the itch) and antimicrobial (reduce infection from scratching) properties and also camomile for its anti-inflammatory properties (promotes healing and gets rid of itch). I used 10 drops if lavender, 10 tea tree oil, 5 drops camomile and top the rest of my 10ml roller with fractionated coconut oil. It was a hit!!

Get yours here

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